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Point of Sale Solutions

Point-3 POS for Supermarkets

The Point-3 POS (Point of Sale) module is a program to sell product for the Supermarket industry.

For-Supermarkets-400It is not only a cash register for cash sales but also easily handles sales on account and frequent shopper rewards.

Point-3 is designed so that it will NOT fail if the main computer or the network fails. Each Checkout will continue normally no matter what happens to any other computer.

Frequent Shopper facilities are included so you can track your customers buying habits and/or reward them for their loyalty. It includes a CLUB system - which is a discount for all sales because they are a member of a group, Frequent Shopper - which provides bonus points for future purchases and a comprehensive history of buying patterns for each of your customers.

Speed of operation and ease of use have been paramount when designing this module more than any other, and it shows. Training is reduced to a minimum and simplicity of use is obvious from the outset.

Comprehensive setup screens allow you to configure the system to your particular requirements and each operator can be given or prevented access to sensitive areas of sale.

For compatibility it has been designed to operate on a range of Touch Screens and POS Terminals

This module will operate on its own for sales and layby but by adding Point-3 you can have comprehensive Debtors Creditors and Stock control.